Just for Kids Possum


Can you draw a kangaroo? I will show you what to do
1. First you draw a large-sized bean
  Not too fat and not too lean. 
Body 1.the body
2. The head Draw a head with eyes so bright
  They will help it see at night
2.Draw the head 2.The head
3. The Ears Now just add two agile ears
  They will hear when danger nears
Draw the ears   3. The ears
4. Draw the legs Add strong legs to help it hop
  They will never ever stop
Draw the legs   4. Draw the legs
5.Draw the arms Now add arms and then the paws
  Don't forget to add the claws
Draw the arms   5. The arms
6.Draw the tail Next you draw a big strong tail
  It will never ever fail
6.Draw the tail   6. The tail

Now you know just what to do
You can draw a kangaroo ... or maybe even a mob of them.

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